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patienceltd's Journal

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13 September
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If you set out to find yourself, know that you're chasing a moving target. :)

Right now, I'm devoting myself to a master certificate in culinary arts and part-time writing, including editing and research in a book collaboration on forensic engineering and tort law. I'm a typical product of my generation --- my education consists of a Biochemistry Bachelor's degree, a Public Health Master's degree in Industrial Hygiene, a little medical school, a Netware Administrator's certificate...

My occupations have included: engineering assistant, paralegal/medical record review/tech-writer, environmental chemistry lab technician, industrial hygienist, computer tech support, mail system administration, and network engineering.

I'll date myself by stating that my first computer was a Zylog Z80-based system with 8-inch floppy drives and 48 K of memory, and the first computer I built had a hex pad and ten digit 9-segment LCD register... I've used and supported Commodore 64's and Amigas, Macs from the Apple II to the iBox, Intel machines since MS-DOS 5, Windows 3.1, 3.11, '95, '98, NT 3.5, NT 4, and 2000, OS/2, VMS on Alpha, Netware 3 and 4, Unix, Linux, and a variety of versions of Palm OS, Windows CE, and other embedded handheld OS'es over the years, and built more than a few Wintel boxes. If it was ever the latest and greatest, I probably played with it at least once. However, I tend to think of myself as the computer equivalent of an auto mechanic, not an "engineer". I'm not much of a programmer by temperament; I'll write scripts, batch files, HTML, or other high-level stuff if I can't avoid it... but I started out programming in assembly language.

As I said above, if it doesn't interest me, it probably doesn't exist, and even non-existence is worth a good argument.

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